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Welcome, welcome, welcome ...

If you're reading this hello ... I've no idea what drew you here but I hope you find something you like on this site. I set up the site and this blog just for fun really ... fun for myself mainly but if you enjoy it then so much the better.

I am a very poor writer and a dreadful photographer ... that said, I have been lucky in that I have found myself in situations which have certainly been unique which allow some interesting reminiscing and certainly as you will see the picture kind of takes itself in most cases.

There's obviously privacy issues and sensitivity of people's feelings to take into consideration ... there are some people who are no longer with us from the tale and some things which should never be revealed. That said, I hope anyone featured will know the respect with which I am doing so and I'll do my best to contact anyone before they show up.

So, click away ... enjoy ... I'll be popping up and blogging every so often to regale you with my gibberish ...

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